In the winter of 1945, Dominick & Barbara DeFlippo were forced out of their apartment on West Ave. (presently Capelli’s Salon) because of their growing family. Destitute, needing a home and place to run his ice business, Dominick struck a deal with Al Kudel for an abandon building at 326 West Ave. , presently the restaurant. He then moved his family and business into a home with no working plumbing, holes in the walls (later patched over with window shades and wall-papered), and barely any heat.

The children remember wearing their snowsuits to bed and also used oven heated bricks wrapped in a towel to warm their feet.
To make ends meet, after the ice route each day Dominick would haul mail from Union Station to the Post Office twice a day, delivered fire wood and hauled leather scraps from E. H. Ferree & Co. in his rickety old truck.

With refrigeration well on it’s way, a mortgage to pay, 3 young children and a truck needing constant repair, Dominick told his wife, out with the ice business and that they would turn part of their home into a bar and restaurant. That was 1946, DeFlippo’s Restaurant was born!

DeFlippo’s, built in 1870, is one of Lockport’s oldest landmarks. It was originally owned by carriage makers Brown & Bronson. Dominick & Barbara DeFlippo purchased this property in 1941 to relocate a thriving ice business.

In 1946 Dominick, inspired by his wife’s delicious sauce, began in the restaurant business. With the help and support of the entire family a very successful restaurant emerged. For the next 31 years, dining out for great Italian food has meant DeFlippo’s.

Jerry & Joan DeFlippo continued the family tradition since 1977. With hard work and vision they have expanded the business to include a larger kitchen, more dining room seating, take-out & catering services as well as a beautiful new Bed & Breakfast. Today, Jerry can be found in the kitchen during the day making the sauce and greeting customers in the evening, while Joan’s gracious spirit is still felt throughout the restaurant.

Jerry & Joan’s son, Dominick, a 1989 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America has added many innovative touches to the menu. He continually strives to create new and exciting dishes while maintaining the quality that DeFlippo’s is known for.

WNY Italian restaurantTaking over as a third generation DeFlippo family owner in 2006, Dominick continues to offer excellent food and service in the traditional DeFlippo family atmosphere.

Our family has now enjoyed over 70 years of service in our community. Thank you to all our customers for their support during these years.

We look forward to serving you!

Your Hosts,
Dominick & Jerry DeFlippo